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Flooring and Carpet 

Here to Help..

We'll Give you all the Options... Not Just the Expensive Ones!

SINCE 2004


We walk on it daily and yet people can still not think about it, but not to

worry we didn't forget we created and amazing working relationship with a

reliable carpet supplier to ensure we have the carpet you need in plenty of

time for your event.

The flooring on the other hand is sourced directly out of our warehouse and

inspected regularly to ensure our clients only get the best.  

Prices vary on marquee size.

Carpet -Navy Blue
Carpet - Burgundy
Carpet -Black soft
Carpet - Burgundy
Carpet - Sand
Carpet - Fawn
Carpet - Brown
Carpet - Anturacitie
Carpet - White
Carpet - Anturacitie
Carpet - Hot Pink
Carpet - Cream
Carpet - Dark Green
Carpet - Grey Stone 
Carpet - Beige
Carpet - Grey
Carpet - VIP Red
Carpet - Sand
Carpet - Purple
Carpet - Hot Pink
Carpet - Green
Carpet - VIP Red
Carpet - Grey
Carpet - Sand
Carpet - Black Corse
Carpet - Hot Pink
Carpet - Light Blue

We invite you to visit us...

We're a real business, not a middleman, We don't have fancy swanky offices, but we do have a kettle a 5000 sqft warehouse full of stock for you to look at, and depending on who is in the office you'll get a reasonably good brew, without any pushy sales talk!

All your Garden Party Requirements:
  • Vast Range of Flexible sizes and shaped garden marquees

  • Various options of outdoor chairs and tables for hire

  • Large diesel heaters for those chilly late night parties

  • Full Delivery, Build, Dismantle & Collection Included

  • Free advice and layout suggestions without any obligations.

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